Bike Trailers

Black Oak bike trailers are hand-built in Portland, Oregon.  We create our trailers using 6061* structural grade aluminum which allows for a comparatively light frame while still offering exceptional strength and durability. Aluminum being a non-ferrous metal, does not rust.

Unlike comparable mass-produced products, Black Oak trailers are entirely welded as opposed to being bolt assembled allowing for much greater durability. Our welded fenders help prevent road-spray while also providing a strong surface for wider loads to rest.   The trailer has eight cargo tie-downs located circumferentially to secure your load for transport.

Hawthorn Bicycle Trailer

Cargo area: 21″ x 40″
Great for most people’s needs: groceries (about 12 full  bags), small furniture and lumber hauling, small drum kit, guitar amp, cello
Price: $425

Ash Bicycle Trailer

Cargo area: 24″ x 48″
For the big hauler! groceries (about 16 full bags), medium-sized furniture, large wood pieces, medium-sized drum kits
Price: $475

Oak Bicycle Trailer

Cargo area: 30″ x 60″
For the seriously extreme mover!  Plywood, large furniture, stand-up bass, large drumset, large guitar amp.  It welcomes a good challenge.
Price: $525

Each trailer comes with a hitch & two 20″ wheels.

We offer custom paint colors, and provide specializing services to build your cart the way you want it.

Please contact us for more info!  Your trailer is built after you order it, please allow 1-3 weeks for fabrication, thank you.

*6061 Very good corrosion-resistance, excellent weldability and a strength level approximating that of mild steel, this is a popular general-purpose alloy. Typical end uses are aircraft landing mats, large and small marine vessels, structural architectural parts,  and storage tanks.